.bond Aftermarket Sales Opportunities!

.bond is one of the newest extensions on the market but did you know that there have been tons of domain names sold on the aftermarket that have included the word ‘bond’?

We have put together a list of these sales giving investors, domainers, entrepreneurs and anyone else that wants to try to flip some .bond domains a fantastic opportunity!

After searching tons of domain sales over the past few years, we found a couple of hundred transactions that included the word ‘bond,’ and have created a detailed file with sales data to help you sell some .bond domains names and, potentially, make some great returns!

Click here to download the Excel file!

Domain investing has been around for quite some time and tons of people globally make their income from this fun practice of buying domains, researching the industry, coming up with leads and pitching the domain for sale.

.bond is all about the financial industry, if you are interested in pitching .bond names to potential buyers here are a few key points that could help position the domain.

.bond is:

  • Credible: Current registrants of .bond names include names like Fidelity, JP Morgan, and American Express. When you use a .bond domain for your financial company you are joining some of the largest most successful companies in the world. Check out some of our premier registrants
  • Short: Short domain extensions are easier to remember. When using a .bond name on advertising materials end users will quickly identify the domain name and remember what is to the left of the dot more easily.
  • Targeted: Some extensions are hard to associate with an industry or profession. .bond is mistakenly pointed towards the financial world. When a company uses a .bond domain their clients will instantly recognize that they are working with a professional.


If you’re a domainer interested in working with us to sell some .bond domains please email us at today! We can help create graphics, sales sheets and more to make your cold leads a little warmer.

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