.bond Launch Details

.bond is a new domain extension that was recently acquired by ShortDot and will be launching very soon. In today’s world internet users have many choices to make when launching a new website. From where to host your website, what content to put on the site, even to what domain name to choose. At ShortDot our goal is to let end users be creative, free and unique online with what is to the left of the dot by making the extension short and easy to recognize. ShortDot also owns and operates .icu, which is currently the 5th largest new domain extension on the planet.

.bond will be launching in its Sunrise phase, for trademark holders, on October 17th, 2019. Sunrise will last 33 days ending on November 18th,2019. If you own a trademark and wish to register your matching .bond domain reach out to your preferred registrar or take a look at our list of accredited registrars to secure your brand today!

.bond will officially be available for end-users on November 19th,2019! We will be launching .bond with an Early Access Program (EAP) that adds an access fee to the cost of registration that will gradually decrease over the first seven days of General Availability. Registrars will receive a detailed email with pricing for this EAP period as well as normal wholesale registration rates.

.bond will have a relatively small number of Registry Reserved and will not have any Premium names.

ShortDot uses CentralNic as our backend service provider and when .bond officially launches on October 17th all registrations, renewals and EPP lookups will be done via the CentralNic EPP servers. If you have any questions, need help testing your connections or have any other account issues please reach out to your ShortDot contact or directly to CentralNic.


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