Starting a Financial Services Company? A Good Domain Name is the Foundation

Starting a brand new financial service? You want it to be successful, become popular, and be seen as a leader in your industry. There are several things that can have an effect on the success of your new service: this includes the name, the marketing behind your service, and the domain name. Choosing the right name from the beginning can actually mean the difference between its success and its failure. However, the name, the marketing, and the domain name have to work together to convey the right message to potential customers and investors.

Choosing the Right Name

There are branding exercises that you can go through, such as brainstorming names, that will help from the start. For example, you could start with brainstorming and just making a list of names. As Adweek suggests (, start with deciding on a tone (is it modern, classic, playful, pragmatic, or emotional), and consider the value proposition–what is the appeal you are trying to achieve?


Once you have an initial list, consider these when narrowing down the list:

  • Avoid hard to spell names
  • Avoid soundalike names or words, misspellings, or words, similar to other brands
  • Consider a thorough internet search, it’s helpful to put the word or name in “quotes” in a Google search to see if the word or phrase is already being used.
  • Use a name that conveys a meaning or one that describes the service.
  • Conduct a Secretary of State search to see if it’s already being used.
  • Conduct a trademark search.
  • Look for other ways to identify if the name you’re considering is already being used. For example, is it already being used in your industry? Or is there a similar service with a similar name
  • Look to see if the matching domain name is available.

If you’re able to narrow down the list of possible names, I recommend taking some time to determine if the domain name is available, as I mentioned. There are over 1,000 different “TLDs” (Top Level Domains) that are available. TLDs are the “ending” part of a domain name. For example, I am sure you’re familiar with .COM, .NET, and .ORG, but did you know there are other endings?

Starting a new financial service, one TLD you might consider is .BOND. You can register something like “” or “” and use it for your website. TLDs such as .BOND may have the domain name you’re looking for available, whereas another similar name TLD may not be available for registration. In certain industries, including the financial industry, domain names can go for big bucks on the “aftermarket”, where someone has already purchased the domain name and wants to sell it you someone else, like you, for a lot more than they paid for it.

Marketing Online With Your Name

Your name, once chosen, will be the pillar of your service: your potential customer will see it when you’re advertising your service, and make a quick decision. If they don’t like the name, it’s confusing, or confusingly similar to another service, they may not click on your ad or listing when seeing it online. When searching for a service, or doing research online, potential customers see the name: but they also see the domain name tied to that service. The domain name should match the name, especially whenever it’s seen online.

New services need initial branding: one of the best ways to do that branding is to market the service online through Google Ads (formerly named Google AdWords), as well as other online services, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Microsoft Advertising. Your potential customers need to see the name of the service over and over again so they become familiar with it before they buy.

.BOND Domain Names

Dot BOND domain names work just like any other TLD, such as .COM, .NET, and .ORG. Dot BOND works the same way as the others do: they work in a web browser, you can type the domain name in any browser to visit the website attached to it. Dot Bond can also have an email address: can be set up, just like for any other domain name.

A .BOND domain name, for a new financial service, maybe the best choice for you when choosing a domain name to march the name of the service. The domain name is the foundation for the service, as it’s seen quite often, from seeing the URL in a search engine result listing to the email address. Start with a good foundation and build upon it: your future marketing will always refer to the domain name.


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